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Middle East "Your Momma" and the Muhammad movie

I just suffered through the fourteen minute "trailer" for the idiodic movie that launched a thousand riots. It's extremely crudely produced: the dialog and editing are terrible, the outdoor desert shots are badly synched greenscreen footage, and all the dialog references to Islam were obviously added in post production. It's not easy to find halfway decent actors to ridicule any major world religion, so the title character was in the script as "Master George" to trick the actors and actresses (the entire cast and crew has filed an open letter of protest against the producer).

The founder of one of the planet's major religions is portrayed onscreen as a petty bastard thug. Confusingly, he's shown as both gay and a womanizer, both violent and cowardly. I don't see any redeeming artistic qualities to the movie, unlike superficially similar blasphemy art like Piss Christ, which is at least visually and philosophically engaging. In short, the film is a crude and deliberate "yo momma" style insult aimed at Islam; which is quite... er... uptight about these things.

If it weren't for the riots now tearing through the entire middle east, the movie would be lambasted as poor taste and forgotten. But I have an unsettling feeling that the riots are actually the meta-point of the movie. The ongoing mob violence "in defense of Islam" is itself a grave insult to Islam, and far more damning than the movie itself.


September 2013

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